Trosper Archery JOAD

Trosper Archery Club hosts a JOAD program that provides young men and women an opportunity to safely learn to shoot, win awards for their achievements, and complete with others their age.  Nationally, USA Archery’s JOAD Clubs have contributed significantly to filling spots on the US Olympic Archery Teams–many recent US Olympic team members began shooting as JOAD club members.

Beginning archers of all ages are always welcome to come to the JOAD sessions to work on their form and learn from our coaches.  Trosper Archery was some amazing coaches including: Jane Johnson, Sid Reed, Chuck Morgan, Joe & Stacy Goodwin, and Betsy Kulakowski just to name a few.

Price and Equipment

The class is $5 per student per day.

This price includes the use of all necessary equipment to shoot safely including a recurve bow, arrows, a quiver, an arm guard, and a finger tab. Students are welcome to bring their own equipment, including compound equipment, but it will need to be inspected by a coach before you can shoot.

Outdoor Class Times: April Through October

We meet every Saturday morning at our Outdoor Range at 2201 SE Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73129. Archers are welcome to come to part or all of the JOAD shoots.

9:00am – Beginners (Archers that have never shot before).
10:00am – Beginners are welcome to continue shooting. Intermediate and Advanced archers are welcome to start shooting.

Home School Class Time: November Through March

Trosper Archery Club is proud to offer a JOAD opportunity for Home School Students as well. The Home School Class meets on Tuesday Afternoons at H&H Shooting Sports or our Outdoor Range. For more information on the Home School Class, contact Chuck Morgan at (405) 312-3060.

Tuesdays, 2:00pm-4:00pm – Home School Class


The USA Archery JOAD program includes a system of Achievements that both children and adult shooters may earn. Achievements opportunities are a scored shoot generally held on the first Saturday of the month. You DO NOT have to be a Trosper Archery Club member to shoot for achievements, but you are required to be a USA Archery Member.

Qualifications for Achievements:
Youth Indoor Achievement Matrix
Youth Outdoor Achievement Matrix
Adult Indoor Achievement Matrix
Adult Outdoor Achievement Matrix